Suffolk University Law School – Committed To Making A Legal Education Accessible

Over 100 years ago, Gleason Archer Sr founded the Suffolk University Law School in an attempt to help people receive an education in law who may not traditionally have been in a position to do so because of economic or racial discrimination.

In keeping with this worthy mission from Suffolk Law’s very beginnings, they continue to be committed to working along with students from all backgrounds to achieve their legal degree. There are scholarship and grant programs available, including the Yellow Ribbon program, which gives tuition assistance to qualified veterans. Both day and night, and full and part time options are there to suit people with varying circumstances.

Located in downtown Boston, the students at Suffolk Law are in a fantastic position for internships and placements at various federal courthouses and prestigious law firms. This gives students an opportunity to achieve credits towards their degree at the same time as giving back to the local community, and learning the practice of law outside of the classroom.

Aside from the legal aspect, downtown Boston is a great place for easy access to fine restaurants, theatre, shopping, sports events and entertainment for the hours of relaxation. The subway station is just across the street, and there are some beautiful weekend destinations within easy driving distance if students need to get away from it all for a few days.

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The Off-Campus Housing Office at Suffolk Law is a free resource to help students to find and secure suitable accommodation during their stay. Roommate listings can also be provided for those who wish to share expenses.

The buildings are steeped in history, but are equipped with cutting edge technology. Thousands of high speed internet connections help to make Suffolk Law one of the country’s top law schools when it comes to technology.

Aside from the required core courses, there is a huge range of specialist courses, clinics and programs available for students to complete their qualifications, while at the same time honing in on the specific aspects of law that they wish to practice. There is much emphasis on writing and negotiation skills in tandem with traditional lessons, as this will help the student to become more rounded out in a broader range of skills. The careers office is on hand also to help guide and direct students along the right career path for them.

Suffolk Law welcomes International students, and recognizes that a facility should be in place to help these students cope and integrate. Support, help and training in English is made accessible, free of charge to these students to that they are able to complete their degree.

The Suffolk University Law School Library covers three floors of Sargent Hall. Both physical volumes and digital data are available, as well as computer labs, training rooms, group study rooms and online legal databases, such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. Support and training is on hand for these technical resources as well.

For students wishing to complete their legal studies in an environment conducive both to studying and practicing the law, Suffolk Law is an ideal choice.



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